Alphabet stamps and other stamp and envelope forms

Alphabet Stamps

Alphabet stamps typically come in a rubber letter set for kids, but also in foam, metal, and wood.

In grade school I used to be fascinated by the happy face or star my teacher had stamped on my page in red or blue ink. As an adult, a stamp was used for practical reason in the office. Today, they have gone beyond the classroom and are used for many different applications in various designs like shapes, animals, abstract, numbers and letters of the alphabet. Alphabet stamps are great for personalizing any stamping projects with words, names or phrases. They are usually sold in sets and some will come with extra characters like punctuation marks.

Traditionally, rubber alphabet stamps were mounted on a wood block but you can buy them mounted on clear acrylic, which makes alphabet stamp placement a whole lot easier. The ability to see through the mount will help you place the letters or characters in a straight line. Un-mountable stamps are also handy because they can be removed for easy cleaning and take up less storage as one mount can be used for numerous stamps.

Alphabet stamps come in various sizes from tiny lowercase to large, bold uppercase. The fancy look of a calligraphy or script alphabet stamp will add a little flair to your projects. These fonts will give the impression of handwriting and are a little more difficult to place then bold, basic fonts. They are best spaced further apart in order to make them easier to read. Bold stamps are a better choice where clear text is needed such as scrapbooking or embossing on invitations. Try to avoid embossing any script or calligraphy fonts as they will just run together and end up blurred.

Use alphabet stamps as a non-assuming tool to help your child learn, especially those children who are struggling in school or tend to resist the traditional method of teaching. Give your child a head start in reading and writing by using alphabet stamps to teach them the letters of the alphabet and words by making it a fun activity such as craft time. Have your child stamp letters on to paper and then sound them out. Add shapes and have them combine the letters that make up the word. Start small children off by spelling basic words like dog and cat or their own name.

Alphabet stamps and animal stamps are great for decorating a toddler or baby’s room. Choose the appropriate size in relation to the size of your child’s room. Once you have picked your theme and bought the stamps, choose a base color such as white to paint the room then one or two other primary or pastels to use for the stamps. After painting the base, have your child help you decorate with the alphabet stamps. Add their hand prints for a personal touch! If painting sounds like too big of a job, by the paper you can get in a roll and make banners to put around the room using the same idea as mentioned here. Get creative and get your child involved too.